Thursday May 16, 2024

113 | My Sexual Abuse Story Part 2: How I Healed & What I Learned

Show Notes:

Today I’m sharing my sexual abuse story publicly for the first time (part 2 final). It’s raw. It’s real. It’s still hard. Guest co-host Kensi Evans is back to interview me about my experiences. We discuss healing, growth, and challenges that continue even today. Join us to find out how you can heal from your own wounds- AND have patience for yourself and others in their healing journeys. 

I hope it helps you in your own healing




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Sexual Abuse

  1. My experience:


Neighbor kids abusing me between 3-5.  I remember feeling like it was my fault and I was a burden, so I didn’t share again.

Family member abusing me around 5 or 6. Never recovered enough to have a healthy dating life after that until mid-college. “Not that bad” mantra. Rarely talked about it.


4+ in high school that I didn’t see as abuse. I thought it was my fault for getting into the situation.


  1. What helped me find healing?

Counseling in undergrad and grad school, talks with husband, A LOT of journaling, trauma therapy / visualizations, VALIDATING my experience, classes, psycho-education


Sexual abuse robs us of our sense of safety and trust, but through healing, we can reclaim our power and rebuild our lives.


Speaking out about sexual abuse is not just an act of courage; it's a vital step towards breaking the cycle of silence and stigma.


Healing from sexual abuse is not a linear journey; it's a series of brave, incremental steps over decades.

"It's my fault": Victims often internalize blame for the abuse, feeling responsible for what happened.

"I'm damaged": Victims may believe that the abuse has irreparably harmed them, leading to feelings of worthlessness or inadequacy.

"I'm alone": Victims may feel isolated, believing that nobody else understands what they're going through or that they're the only ones who have experienced such trauma.

"I can't trust anyone": Due to betrayal by the abuser, victims may struggle to trust others, fearing that they'll be hurt again.  (I can’t rely on anyone)

"I'm powerless": Victims may feel helpless and powerless, believing they have no control over their lives or their circumstances.


    3.What have I learned?

The lasting impact of trauma on mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

The importance of setting and enforcing personal boundaries. (learning the importance of your voice and saying no)

The significance of seeking support and finding safe spaces to share experiences.

The resilience of the human spirit and the capacity for healing and growth.

How our wounds make us who we are–and how scars help us discover our purpose.

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